Mountain Radhošť

Fabulous mountain (1129m), the place of pagan god Radegast – a god of war, victory, sun and richness. During the time of Slovan antiquity a sacred ceremony, which rejoiced the god, took place here. People celebrated and sacrificed to him. The characteristic shape is seen far and away, even though the mountain is not the highest in its surroundings. There is a pilgrimage chapel of Cyril and Metodej from 1898 with the copy of the Valasska Madona painting by A. Liebscher and the crucifix with Cyryl and Metodej statuary by A. Polasek from 1931 on the top. The mountain is whole screwed with passages and caves. The most widely known is Volarka, which lies approximately 200 meters eastward of the peak. The Radhost’s view is one of the nicest views of Beskyd’s panorama. Two kilometres from the top in the direction of Pustevny, the grandiose statue of Radegast is placed.
Statue of RadegastStatue of Radegast
Statue of god Radegast - winter
Statue of RadegastStatue of Radegast
Statue of god Radegast - summer
Hotel RadegastHotel Radegast
Hotel Radegast
The chapel in RadhostThe chapel in Radhost
Chapel of St.Cyril and Metodej
TV antenna at the peak of RadhostTV antenna at the peak of Radhost
TV transmitter on the top
Chapel on the top of RadhošťChapel on the top of Radhošť
Chapel and statue of St. Cyril and Metodej